More Than Looking

For this task in photography theory, we had to take a photo from a fellow student on Flickr and create a narrative to the photo.

Photo taken by – John Boon.

If artists dominated the world, it would be a more colourful place see. But would it be a more peaceful place to be? War would breakout! And factions would form. The arts war would be born!

Paint bombs and spray paint will fill the air, polluting the planet we should love and care. Intoxication by the masses! Explosions! Fires! Biochemical gasses!

Why can’t we live in peace? Because the people thrive on creative terror. What was once considered an art form has turned us against each other. The fighting, Arguing and discrimination! From Cubism to Expressionism and all across the nation!

Perhaps one day we could all live in peace but only when we set aside our differences and take a step back from what a society of bitterness has turned us into.

We are Artists! Not Savages!
We are human beings! Not Soldiers!

We should spread peace and compassion through our art! Lets start the Artists Revolution! and put an end to this rain of fascism!


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