Interview with my photography Subject

For my current photography project I conducted an Interview my friend and model for my photos. I tried to make the questions as open as possible to get the best possible answers.

1. What is your main character trait?

– Humour and making people laugh.

– A good friend who likes to listen

– Creative and open minded

2. where is your favourite place? Where do you most feel comfortable?

– Anywhere outdoors and with friends and family.

3. What inspires you?

“people bigger and more successful than me, it inspires me to make myself better”.

4. What is your earliest memory?

“Being stuck in a thunder and lightning storm with my sister”.

“riding mattresses down the stairs”.

5. What makes you laugh?

– Memes, spongebob, almost anything.
“life is too short not to smile and laugh a lot”

6. What are your favourite films, games, TV shows, songs and types of music?

Films – Armageddon, Pulp fiction and sci-fi/fantasy films.

Games – Red dead redemption, last of us and GTA V.

TV shows – Westworld, Game of thrones, Lost and Sons of anarchy.

Songs – “vary on what mood I’m in”.

Types of music – Metal, Rock and Grime.

7. What are you passionate about?

– Art (Illustration and Animation)

– Music

8. How do you like others to see you?

” I want people to look at me and think that i’m approachable, trustworthy and interactive. But I also don’t care about what people think of my looks or my clothing”.

9. What would be your perfect day or night out?

– Nice meal and a couple drinks with friends or just chilling with friends.

– Gigs and festivals

10. If you where to choose an object that would represent your personality. What would it be?

“Pencil and paper as i’m an artist and an Illustrator”

“bass guitar as when i’m not doing art and with friends i’m in youth theatre practising with my band”.

In conclusion
the interview went well, there is a lot of stuff that I can work with and hopefully create some interesting photos based on my subjects answers and his personality. I was Originally thinking about focusing on more of a fine art approach to my photos but I think that would be contradictory to his personality based on this interview. Perhaps I could still incorporate a fine art approach to some of the photos especially the ones i’ll be doing in the lighting studio.


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