First Shoot

Right after my interview with my photography subject, we went for a walk around Chester to start taking photos. It was dark, cold and raining… so just a normal British evening. Luckily I booked out a flashgun from the university earlier that day, so lighting up my subject would not be a problem.

For my first shoot of this project, I think it went very well considering the weather conditions and the time of day we started taking photos. Unfortunately I was forced to use a Nikon flash gun as there were no others available to loan from the university. As a proud Canon user, its safe to say I wasn’t too pleased with this but it did the job, lighting up my subject and the area during the dark and damp shoot.

My subject and I decided that these photos were going to be used for the location shoot. as he said in the interview –

“where is your favourite place? Where do you most feel comfortable?
– Anywhere outdoors and with friends and family”.

We thought that being out and about taking photos covered that part of the requirement.

I have chosen my best photos of the ones I took and edited them, I plan to select several of the photos and edit them further. See photos below –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You might be wondering why I included loads of him being silly? Well that’s because he is easily amused and he loves to laugh and smile. It’s who he is, so who am I to say act differently or pretend for the photo. That wouldn’t be real and it certainly wouldn’t show the us these genuine reactions. And I think that these photos show more about my subject than the more serious ones. I am again quite pleased with these photos as they show us a bit more about my subject and what he’s like. I enjoyed taking them as well, even though I was using a Nikon flashgun, I enjoyed bouncing light of walls and finding new ways and techniques to light up my subject.

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