Lighting Studio

As part of my current photography project I booked time in the light studio with my subject. This went really well, I planned to take hundreds whilst I had the space but I didn’t feel the need to. I’m really proud of the photos I got as few as they may be. They’re probably the best portraits iv’e ever taken. Quality over Quantity.

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I really enjoyed photographing my subject in the lighting studio. As you can tell some photos are better than others but I think that they’re all pretty good. Much like the ones from the location shoot, I wanted him to feel relaxed and comfortable and to be as natural as possible. Obviously some of them are more serious than others but I like that most of them are of us having a laugh. It’s like fine art with a smile. I took all of these photos in RAW so they have all had one dose of editing but I intend on selecting some from this group to edited further. Using the equipment was easier than I thought it would be, I had fun experimenting with the power of the lights and the arrangement of where I could place them. I used the black background as I thought it would suit the style I was going for. I also liked playing with the lights, spot lights and flashes, I think that the contrast of soft light and hard light worked really well.

I personally think that I have created some dynamic photographs that not only look good as fine art portraits but also tell us more about my subject and also show many sides to his personality. You can start to understand him and who he is just by observing these photographs that I have taken for this project.

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