The final 5

I have decided to use these 5 for my final photos for this project. I have chosen these as I think that they best describe my subject and fit the retirements. I have selected a main category a photograph –

The first one Is for Location, the second is for Pose, the third for Props, forth for Clothing and finally the fifth for Face.

Final piece 1

This is one from the first shoot of the project. Straight after the interview with my subject, we jumped straight into the action and went and about around Chester to find a good spot to my subject to be photographed. I chose this photo because it not only shows hi on location but it also shows my subject being himself. I like the fact that he is smiling as in the interview he said that he likes to laugh and smile, this is also a natural smile as every time we where taking photos, I we would talk and have a laugh with him to ease the tension.

Final piece 2

This is one of my favourite photos from the lighting studio series. I think that this is a great photo for hard and soft lighting reflecting off his skin. I chose this for pose because its a strong pose, you can see plenty of his characteristics in this shot, from is tattoos to scars and to the way he’s composed himself. To me this shows us that my subject is brave and strong.

Final piece 3

For this photo, he asked to use my sketchbook to draw in whilst I photographed him, So we decided to use these ones for props. It’s a fair deal he had something to keep himself entertained and I got some photographs done for this category. Two birds and one stone. As it turns out he was drawing something inappropriate in the back of my sketchbook… which is ironic as he looks like he’s working on a work of art in this photo with concentration in himself but it was the opposite. This is apart of who he is, easily entertained, funny ect.. And he is also an excellent artist, illustrator and animator.

Final piece 4

This photo is for clothing, it took a while to round this category down to one photo. In the majority of the photos my subject is fully clothed but it’s finding one that matches his personality and that I feel represents him. We took this one as a joke but it worked out well. He likes to have fun and this photo shows it. The only downfall to this photo is a small editing error, it’s not too obvious but obvious enough for me to notice it. When I was using Lightroom to put the finishing touches to this piece, I used the masking tool to highlight and darken certain areas of the photo. More specifically the right side of the photo as there was too much light coming from the flash, so I highlighted that area and darkened it, but I must have not highlighted the area up to the figure so it left a fain white streak next to his figure. As it was last minute I just printed it along with the others but it didn’t appear on the prints so it all worked out well.

Final piece 5

Finally this print is for face, I only took a few close up shots of his face but this one is by far my favourite. I don’t know about you but I can see many things in this photo that make my subject who he is, I can see compassion and many other things, maybe this is because I know him, I’ve spent time photographing and getting to know him. This is one of my best portraits I have ever taken, the soft light is perfectly balancing out the shaded part of his face. I also like that he’s looking into the distance and isn’t making eye contact with the camera and that his eyes are reflecting the light triggered by the flash.


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