In The Frame

Assignment details 
You should identify a place (or places) that is/are accessible to you on a regular basis. This could be where you live, where you travel through or another place that you can document regularly.  You will make a set of images based on your observations of this place over a period of time and present these in a grid in a final print.

When you are in your place you should collect objects and items in order to create another ‘portrait’ of that place based on the things you have found within it. You will make two ‘still life’ images of either single items or collections of objects using studio lighting.

The two sets of images should relate to each other and say something about the place and your experience of it.

You will need to use parameters to guide your shoots.  You can choose from one of the strategies below to begin with and devise your own as your project progresses.  You can use a variety of different parameters and thereby create a range of responses to your location.  You can also use these parameters to guide the types of object that you collect and how.”

Some parameters to consider:

  • Walk for a certain length of time then stop. Make several photographs of what is around you when the time comes to stop.  Make random turns, get lost, go somewhere unfamiliar.  Vary the times between walking and stopping on subsequent shoots.
  • Select a square from a map of Chester and thoroughly document everything in that square.
  • Identify the boundaries of your chosen place (neighbourhood, town, village, park, campus etc) and draw them onto a map. Walk the boundary and take pictures along the way.
  • Identify a particular sense (smell, touch, hearing or taste) and use it to direct how you travel through your location and what you photograph. Use the exercise from More than Looking to ‘tune in’ to a particular sense before your shoot.  Use different senses on each shoot.
  • Pick a place to stand or sit for a certain length of time (street corner, café, park bench, bus or train). Photograph what you observe during that time including who and what passes you.
  • Find something that interest you in your location and photograph it, then turn round 180 degrees and photograph what is opposite
  • Pick a pedestrian and follow them. Don’t photograph them.  Just go where they take you and photograph along the way.  Consider yourself a passenger and make the most of where you are taken.  When you lose them, follow someone new.
  • Pick a colour and let your choice of photo be guided by the presence of that colour.
  • Identify a particular texture, shape or subject in your location and only shoot examples of this.
  • Go for a walk without your camera. Go back and photograph the things you noticed on the way.

After viewing the brief I think that some of the parameters sound fun to follow but I also think that some of them are quite risky especially in the area I live in. for example: follow a stranger and photograph where they go but not them. I considered this as my main parameter for this project but I live in lets just say a rough area, I’m very protective of my camera gear as it is, so following someone or going into an unfamiliar area could be a bad idea. So I need to find an are that is fairly safe to photograph but also close enough for me to continuously visit to maximise my chance at getting some good shots.

It also stated in the brief that we collect object on our travels. things that have some relevance to what we’re photographing or just things that we find interesting. I’m not entirely comfortable with picking up litter or just random things from the street as I don’t know where it’s been, so i’ll have to give that one some thought.

All in all i think that this project has some potential, I also think that it will be a good chance to go out and try some street photography.



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