Final Photos

For my final photos I had to select two photos from my collective series and print them off at 6×8 C-Type prints. I also had to select at least eight photos for my final contact sheet which was to be printed out at a 12×18 C-Type print (slightly larger than A3). 

Final Object photo 1
Collective Objects
Final Object photo
Collective Objects

The first thing I did was select the two collective photos that I thought would be best to use, I then took them both into Lightroom and gave them a final coat of editing and then saved them for printing.  

Final contact sheet
Final Contact Sheet

For the contact sheet, I chose these photos because I think that they definitely depict a journey from one end to the other. I threw in a mixed range of some photos in motion and some still. As for the process in making this contact sheet I had a lot of trouble with it. I came into university a few times to attempt making this sheet. I eventually had to ask for help off the technicians who were happy to help and gave me a few tips on how to do it again in the future.

Project Conclusion – 
I’m genuinely quite pleased with the work that I’ve produced for this project, especially in the short amount of time I gave myself to do it. Unfortunately I didn’t record any artist research during this project as I didn’t have the time to spend hours searching for some photographers for inspiration. This is a documentary style series for me as this is a journey that I have to travel almost everyday. If I was to do this project again in the future then I would spend a reasonable amount of time looking into other photographers for ideas on other ways I could go about the project. But other than the lack of research and all the technical downfalls I’ve had during this project, I’ve actually enjoyed experimenting with unfamiliar grounds by using the suggested parameters in the brief.

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