First Test Run

As soon as we got our brief for this project we had to go out and photograph the area around kingsway campus. We had to use the parameters given to us to photograph things. I started off by following an old man to a certain point, I then stopped and photographed the area he led me to. I continued to explore and photograph anything that caught my eye or I found interesting.

Also I really like the featured photo for this post, I went passed some sort of religious community building and spotted this sign. I photographed it as it was ironic that the the sign was so dirty despite it being a sign of hope and cleanliness. I also photographed it at an angle to emphasise the point of looking up to it as a sign of hope. This has no importance to this project or the task at hand, I just found it interesting so I photographed it.

For the rest of the photos I tried to find interesting ways to photograph and document them instead of just a normal photo. But I quite enjoyed this task, I got to stretch my legs and take a few interesting shots at the same time.

See photos below –


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