Idea for next and final shoot

I am going to document my journeys to Chester and back via the Merseyrail train. I intend to ride the rails and photograph things that appeal to me, for example; train stations, people, objects ect.. I want to do this series entirely in black and white as I think that this will improve the look I want to create. I will obviously be photographing in colour and editing them into black and white, unless I happen to see something that I know will definitely suit black and white.

I also intend to photograph objects that have something to do with this journey that i’m on. I was thinking about photographing a bundle of train tickets that I have collected since starting university and then photographing them on the infinity table to get some dynamic shots.

Due to certain policies, you can’t just photograph people in public especially in a confined space on a train as it would make the passengers uncomfortable. So I intend to contact Merseyrail and ask permission to photograph on the trains. I could easily photograph things without any permission as it’s a “free country” but it was more to do with I didn’t want any trouble from any confrontational passengers or any trouble from The British Transport Police. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



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