Concept Stock Photography Visual trends and markets

For this project I had to select a trend suggested by Getty images, I decided to go with one called Gender Blend. This is about the rising trend on gender. “Right now gender is being called into question and blurred, and men and women are expressing themselves in ways that are much more fluid” – Pam Grossman. This quote from the article got me thinking straight away. I realise that gender is changing, people are expressing themselves differently but its creating a backlash of negative stereotypes. I have worked with similar people before in the past, I’ve seen the wonders of Liverpool Pride 2017 which was amazing to see all of the creative colours and identities of all these people, come together to celebrate the freedom of expressionism. After seeing this ‘Trend’ I realise that this is one that I believe I can get some interesting photos whilst learning more about the topic.

We have to produce 8 final photos for this project along with an screenshots of an application to sell stock images on Getty images, Istock ect.. 



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