Artist Research via Getty images: Specialist Photography

Artist research – Getty Images

I’ve been looking at a couple of photographers on getty images. The first one I looked at was a photographer/user called westend61. This was just one among the thousands on there, these photos are very cliché. But all stock photos look like this. I find these photos more funny than anything else as they just look too setup.


However, I chose this photo to analyse as it looks less staged. Shoots on location often look more natural due to the surroundings. I can see why someone might be interested in this photo for an advertising purpose. The colours are great and there isn’t too much contrast. along with the image in focus in the parts that need it to be.

Another photographer/user I was looking at was Betsie Van der Meer. I decided to search for images related to the topic I’m currently looking at. I decided to search for ‘Transvestite’ though it’s not entirely gender based but it’s about appearing different. I found this image below that I thought worked really well.


I found this photo is one of a series and is what I expected when I searched for it. A photo of half and half, a division of man and woman. This image for me is bold and daring. The photo itself is great, the model is centred in the middle giving the camera/the viewer direct eye contact.

I hope to create some bold images myself on the topic of gender fluid and hopefully they’ll be good enough to pass quality control when submitting them to a stock site.




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