Fourth Shoot

Fourth shoot: Chester 24/11/2017

Model – Paige

‘Signed a model release form’

The shoot went rather well, I know Paige from university. Paige actually came to me after seeing my post on Facebook, I had no clue that she was non binary and I was happy to have a model booked. We met in Grosvenor park, Chester. We met here as Paige enjoys feeding the local wildlife such as the squirrels. I decided that the shoot should be based around that, whilst feeding the squirrels I could photograph her, This would make the photos more natural, free flowing and spontaneous. We went walking round the park stopping here and there for photos. I myself am not too fond of the grey squirrels but after being round them all day, I have now got a tolerance for them along with some decent photos of them and my model. Paige was very cool and relaxed around the local wildlife and very chilled out which made it easier for me to photograph her.

I am very pleased with these photos, I personally think that I’ve got some beautiful shots. I definitely have some worthy ones for the final eight. 


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