Second Shoot

Second shoot: Chester 23/11/2017

Model – Tara

‘Signed a model release form’

This was an interesting shoot as I haven’t seen Tara in years, she is an old family friend currently transitioning. This shoot was a lot easier as I knew the model personally. But I still treated her with the same professionalism as I do with every model. I was joined on the shoot with a friend of mine; Owen who was my assistant for the day, helping me with the setup and locations to shoot.

As you can probably tell from the photos, Tara has modelling. This was great as she knew what poses/looks to strike, how to look into the camera not just at it and how to be herself. This made photographing her easier as all I had to worry about was the composition, location and the photo itself. She took instructions well and was very cooperative.

I have a good range of photos from stunning headshots to bold poses, I actually took just over 250 photos and these are the ones that I kept and fully edited. There are loads in here that I would use for my final photos. I couldn’t be happier with these photos.


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