Third Shoot

Third shoot: Liverpool 23/11/2017

Model – wishes to remain unknown to the public

‘Signed a model release form’

The shoot with this model was OK, it was a late one though which came with some difficult challenges. One of the most difficult challenges is noise but you can’t fully see that till after the shoot which requires a lot of attention to make it less visible. We me outside the Empire theatre at about 7pm. This shoot didn’t last too long, about 30 minutes if that.

We started the shoot off by photographing in the Christmas market, now at St Georges hall. I got some here to adjust the setting on my camera to adapt to the darkness of the night but the ambience of the Christmas lights. We then moved round the corner to the park behind St Georges hall and then into Liverpool library as it was freezing out. As this model was a PHD student I thought we should photograph in the old part of the library (what’s left of it). This created a nice atmosphere for the image of said model.


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