Tips/notes from shoot one

These are some notes I made after my First shoot with my first model from the LGBT – Annie. These are tips/notes for future shoots with my models.

  • Chat: Be Friendly and get to know the model, be open and make them feel comfortable.
  • Don’t be too chatty: Though this contradicts the first point, its good to chat and get to know the model however if you focus on the chatting element too much to fill the space of dead silence then it will kill time, reducing your chances of getting the photos you need.
  • Get a range of shots: It’s important to get a mix of both headshots and full length poses.
  • Instruct the model: Don’t forget to tell the model to act naturally, you don’t want fake poses or cheesy smiles. Instruct them to pose how they like provided it’s not faked and they’re comfortable doing so.
  • Background: Try to incorporate the background as well as the model to perhaps create a story or narrative to the photo.
  • Important: Make sure the models sign the release form before you take any photos.
  • Location: Make sure that you arrange an easy meet up point for you and the model.
  • Reminder: The models will be just as nervous as you, so take it slow and steady.



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