Folio two: Brief

Folio 2 (35%) Assignment Brief: Establishing a Context Through Extended Experiences & Expanded Practices
For the Folio 1 assignment brief we explored the notion of Embodied practice where experience acts as a point of departure for new experiences and practices. If we take this conception further our relationship with how we define and make work from our experience potentially becomes more significant and meaningful.
Throughout his writing Walter Benjamin explores the complexity of experience and how technologies both enhances and deprives our understanding of experience in different contexts. The subtlety of this shifts our understanding of experience with each conception:
Erleben / Erlebt – Experience(s) accumulated over a life time and ‘lived through’ Erlebnis – A specific life event Fahren – To travel or make a journey Erfahrung – An experience from which something is learned where knowledge is gained over a longer period of time
Here each experience involves the following: Body: An awareness of your own presence as a being (photographer) in space Time / space: The production of memory: past, present and future Agency / contingency: to encounter, recognise and act upon something
• You have all identified a specific event, memory or experience relative to your own accumulated experience, which connects with the recent or distant past
• You have each reimagined or reconfigured, and newly understood this experience in the present, as well as how it shapes future practices and experiences
• The Experience of making photographs takes on a new significance as the original experience abd context is translated into new experiences in a meeting of: practice / theory > context / image
• How is experience manifest or revealed in the images you have made so far and how are these approaches now developed and expanded
• This is dependent on the context which you begin to develop and consolidate over the next few weeks as you extend and expand the practices which you have established so far

Having identified your context and genre develop and extend your project as you respond to the following on a week-to-week basis as a series of developmental tasks:
1. the Travelled Photograph and Journey Made
2. Staged, Constructed, Performed
3. Cinematographic – Still & Moving Image
4. Photobook



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