Shoot three: Liverpool

This was an interesting day on the streets to say the least. I decided to approach the homeless and ask for there photo instead. I found this to be useful as they’re more friendly when they know you’re not a threat to them in anyway. Obviuosly I got a lot of NO’s but that was expected going in, I’m actually surprised in got some YES’s.

I decided to take some long exposures to enhance the visualisation of them being ignored by society. I did however get myself in a little situation later that night. After approaching  a homeless man on bold street, he was over enthusiastic about getting his photo taken I offered a little money then he wanted more. I decided to get some change then he followed me into the subway. He might have been happy to recite attention or he was a conman and could see that I was naive. Ether way he was pushy and I just didn’t feel safe. I gave him the money and walked away, I offered it and he took it. It’s my Own fault but I don’t have a filter when looking at homeless people, it’s hard to see who is genuine and who might be playing me for a fool.
contact sheet edited-1contact sheet edited-2contact sheet edited-3


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