Jacob Kazara’s Camera fund

I'm sharing this as I desperately need help funding a new camera, I can do so much more with better equipment so please read my story and share as you or someone else could make a huge difference to me and my photography. Down below is the link to my go fund me campaign and … Continue reading Jacob Kazara’s Camera fund

Final series

These photos below are my final series for this project tell me a story, this isn't just a project this is my story. my main source of research for these photos came from personal experiences whilst dealing with these dark thoughts. Just know that this was a really personal project for me, these are photos … Continue reading Final series

Photography Inspirations

below are a selection of photographers who have documented their own personal experiences with Anxiety and Depression.  I found that looking into these artist has helped me realise that I'm not alone when it comes to anxiety and depression and the thoughts that go with them. I also feel like i don't have to explain … Continue reading Photography Inspirations

Lectures 6 – 10

Lecture 6 - Social documentary and street photography This Lecture is about the beginnings of documentary/street photography. It was started to bring awareness to the people about poverty and lack of respect and value for the lives of the workers and children working in the mills in a hope to change the social status. Street … Continue reading Lectures 6 – 10

Contain me 2.0

Due to getting some not very good feedback on my last designs for this project, I decided to redesign both the shoe and the packaging. I think they look a lot better than my previous designs. I had to rewrite the rational for it, as there were new improvements made to the last ones. See … Continue reading Contain me 2.0

Contain Me

This was my first attempt at this project but unfortunately it didn't pass. I'll have to re-visit my designs and go over them again.   This project is a packaging project, we had to design a concept for a shoe based on who we are and what are values are and then design the packaging for … Continue reading Contain Me

Final Photos

For my final photos I had to select two photos from my collective series and print them off at 6x8 C-Type prints. I also had to select at least eight photos for my final contact sheet which was to be printed out at a 12x18 C-Type print (slightly larger than A3).  The first thing I … Continue reading Final Photos

Collective Objects

For these photos I took my collection of train tickets and photographed them on the Infinity table which is a still life studio for photographing small things like this. I Think that these photos worked out very well, you can clearly see what they are but you can't exactly see where all of them are … Continue reading Collective Objects

Further Edited

These are a selection of photos from my journey back and fourth on the train. I have selected a range of photos that I have edited further. As you can see I have made them Black and White, I have done this because when I visualised he idea of my journey on the trains I … Continue reading Further Edited

Riding the rails

Thanks to Merseyrail for being kind enough to grant me permission to pursue my idea of photographing on their trains for my project 'In the frame'. The day after getting my email confirmation, I got on a train to Chester from Birkenhead Central, then from Chester to Birkenhead and then back to Chester again. I … Continue reading Riding the rails

Idea for next and final shoot

I am going to document my journeys to Chester and back via the Merseyrail train. I intend to ride the rails and photograph things that appeal to me, for example; train stations, people, objects ect.. I want to do this series entirely in black and white as I think that this will improve the look … Continue reading Idea for next and final shoot

First attempt at street photography

My first idea for this project is to go to a certain area (perhaps a park bench or something) and photograph whats in front of me and who or what passes me. I would like to record what i photograph whether it be buildings or a certain direction to photograph and then the next time … Continue reading First attempt at street photography

First Test Run

As soon as we got our brief for this project we had to go out and photograph the area around kingsway campus. We had to use the parameters given to us to photograph things. I started off by following an old man to a certain point, I then stopped and photographed the area he led … Continue reading First Test Run

In The Frame

Assignment details  You should identify a place (or places) that is/are accessible to you on a regular basis. This could be where you live, where you travel through or another place that you can document regularly.  You will make a set of images based on your observations of this place over a period of time … Continue reading In The Frame

Rough Essay plan and research for Photography Theory

Essay question - Compare and contrast the work of Henry Peach Robinson and Peter Henry Emerson. Guide for essay -  essay-writing-2016-17-1 All links for essay research and referencing -   The linked ring formed by Henry Peach Robinson in 1892 - https://www.britannica.com/topic/Linked-Ring Some infromation on Henry Peach Robinson - https://www.britannica.com/biography/Henry-Peach-Robinson Information on Pictorialism - https://www.britannica.com/topic/Pictorialism#ref901613Continue reading Rough Essay plan and research for Photography Theory

Lectures 1-5, Addition Readings and readings from Warner Marien, M (2014) Photography: A Cultural History

This is a summary/notes for lectures 1-5, page readings for Lecture Topics from Warner Marien, M (2014) Photography: A Cultural History and Addition Readings from the universities photography theory page.   Lecture 1 - The Inventions of Photography I really enjoyed the first lecture as it took us on a journey from the birth of … Continue reading Lectures 1-5, Addition Readings and readings from Warner Marien, M (2014) Photography: A Cultural History

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

On Monday we (first year Graphic Design) had to go on a mandatory trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The park was huge and had an array of sculptures dotted round. I found this to be an interesting and fun experience. I wasn't expecting it to be a very good day but I had a … Continue reading Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Who Are You? Final Views

Techniques and Contextual research During this project I tried many new techniques and one that I have always wanted to do is like a point and shoot but on unsuspecting victims (street photography) but I've never really had the guts to try it. You're probably wondering that this has to do with this project. Well … Continue reading Who Are You? Final Views

The final 5

I have decided to use these 5 for my final photos for this project. I have chosen these as I think that they best describe my subject and fit the retirements. I have selected a main category a photograph - The first one Is for Location, the second is for Pose, the third for Props, … Continue reading The final 5

Its The Final countdown!

I have selected the best photos that I think represent my subjects personality. I gave them another coat of editing and now I have to choose 5 of them to submit as my finals. These 5 final photos that I will have printed have to have one of the 5 categories of a portrait that … Continue reading Its The Final countdown!

Further edited

For this selection of photos, I took a handful from my lighting studio photos and edited and developed them further. I like to play around with the, brightness, exposure and contrast as It can make the difference between an over exposed photo to a darkened photo with the light reflecting off his skin. For some … Continue reading Further edited

Lighting Studio

As part of my current photography project I booked time in the light studio with my subject. This went really well, I planned to take hundreds whilst I had the space but I didn't feel the need to. I'm really proud of the photos I got as few as they may be. They're probably the … Continue reading Lighting Studio

First Shoot

Right after my interview with my photography subject, we went for a walk around Chester to start taking photos. It was dark, cold and raining... so just a normal British evening. Luckily I booked out a flashgun from the university earlier that day, so lighting up my subject would not be a problem. For my … Continue reading First Shoot

More Than Looking

For this task, we had to go out onto the the campus and take some photos on our phones of different textures. This task wasn't a hard one but it was frustrating because the camera in my phone is awful. After we took a range photos, we then had to upload them to the more than … Continue reading More Than Looking

Interview with my photography Subject

For my current photography project I conducted an Interview my friend and model for my photos. I tried to make the questions as open as possible to get the best possible answers. 1. What is your main character trait? - Humour and making people laugh. - A good friend who likes to listen - Creative … Continue reading Interview with my photography Subject

About Looking

Introduction to the project - This project was our first photography practice project, but we had to used 35mm film cameras and process them in a darkroom. Process, technique and development - Our first task was to go out as a group and photograph things with an SLR camera. The make I was using was … Continue reading About Looking

Information Graphics

-For this assignment, I had to create an Information Graphic chart using Isotypes and statistical information about the design industry. For my Information Graphics chart, I decided to focus on the more political side of these statistics. After doing some research on “design weeks” statistics page, I found out what percentage of races where working … Continue reading Information Graphics

M. Gustave Poster Design

For this piece of work I had to design a film poster for about the character M.Gustave in the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. I am really happy with the result. After several design attempts, I decided to go with the a design featuring his iconic purple suit and the crossed keys society pin. I … Continue reading M. Gustave Poster Design

More than looking

Fading Away - by Henry Peach Robinson For this activity we had to analyse a range of photos, all by different photographers. I chose this one by Henry Peach Robinson. We then had to answer the following questions -   What is your first impression of this image i.e. your gut feeling or reaction? My first … Continue reading More than looking

More Than Looking

For this task in photography theory, we had to take a photo from a fellow student on Flickr and create a narrative to the photo. Photo taken by - John Boon. If artists dominated the world, it would be a more colourful place see. But would it be a more peaceful place to be? War … Continue reading More Than Looking

What is photography?

This was my first Seminar in Photography Theory. The task was to get into groups and discuss photography and answer a few questions together. We had to first make a list of different types of photography, then we had to write down what they're used to photograph and where they're commonly seen. Types of Photography. What … Continue reading What is photography?

Pre 1980’s Poster analysis

This is my first essay for my Graphic Design degree. It's a 500 word analysis on a pre 1980's poster. For this image analysis I have chosen a film poster, the film I have chosen is Star Wars “A New Hope”. I have chosen this because the poster captivates the emotion of the film. After doing … Continue reading Pre 1980’s Poster analysis