Kingsway Exhibition – Collaborative Practice

Weekly Journal – The exhibition


I’m really happy with the quality of our exhibition and each photo expressing the emotions. Not only does this show a range of our different photographic style but it also shows, what frightens us or makes us happy. None of these photos are alike what so ever which is good. We left it open for interpretation, which I think is best. I’m hoping that the viewers reflect upon these diverse photos and find the connection or receive an emotional response based on how they see the images.

Emotion - Fear

The first photo I have displayed is for Fear. This is a photo of a squirrel in Grosvenor park, Chester. Anyone who knows this park will know of the raging squirrels that run the park. I never really had a fear of them till I was chased from all different angles and they tried to mount my persons. I’m not one whom likes being chased by what are essentially rats with puffy tails.

Emotion - Love

My next photo symbolises the Love I have for our local pub ‘The Cock and Pullet’ in Birkenhead, we’re in there every week. It’s our hideaway from the stress of university and jobs. As I’m a busy student and as are my friends, we only see each other at the pub. I love my friends and the pub for bringing us all together to release all of our negativity once a week.

Emotion - Loneliness

For Loneliness I wanted to photograph inanimate objects that where once sentimental to us. I decided to go with a teddy bear because as a child, they brought us happiness and comfort when we felt alone and lost. Now they have been forgotten, like lost toys. I photographed this bear in a shopping bag on a stairwell in Chester. I lowered down the colour of the photo to give it a monochromatic look to give it a grey overtone. I thought this would add to the mood I was trying to express.

Emotion - Happiness

For me, I’m happiest when things don’t go wrong. My happiness is my contentment, I could be sitting in my underwear playing games or listening to music or even doing bugger all. But I am happy because my mind isn’t going overdrive or too stress because I’m in my happy place. I often find a place to just sit down and listen to music.


AD5302 Collaborative Practice – Self Evaluation

What do you think was your most significant contribution to this project?

My most significant contribution to this project was probably my photos and having them done on time even though I joined the group late. I didn’t get involved with the idea part as I wasn’t here for that but I have given my thoughts and opinions as they came to me.

What was the most important thing you learned about photography and exhibition practice from doing this project? 

The most important thing I learned was to keep in contact and up to date with the group using ‘WhatsApp’. I found this to be very useful as I could contact them if I needed to. Keeping up with the group also gave me the chance to be a little more social and learn how to communicate a bit better.

What was the most important thing you learned about collaboration during this project? 

I learned that you need to be social and actually talk and communicate with the group, you also need to speak up and give your opinion to optimize the chances of learning more.

What did you find the hardest part of this project?

The hardest part of this project for me was doing four separate shoots (plus editing) in a couple days.

If you had the chance to do this project again, what would you do differently? 

If I had the chance to re-do this project I would do more shoots to increase the chance of getting better images. I would definitely re-do Fear as I originally wanted to focus it on glass and claustrophobia but it didn’t work out. I would also speak up more and get my thoughts and opinion across.

Kingsway Exhibition – Collaborative Practice

Weekly Journal 3 – 13/11/2017

After viewing my photos from all of my shoots I am a little disappointed, though my photos looked great on my laptop, when I put them on the Macs at the University they appeared to be riddled with noise. Which is a bit of a problem. Despite my best efforts to revive the worst ones in Lightroom, it just didn’t work out. I was Seriously considering re-shooting most of them but with the lack of time all I could do is chose the best ones and edit them to reduce the risk of too much noise in the prints. Plus I don’t want to be a burden on my group. So I began to filter through and salvage what I could.

I have come up with six photos that I wouldn’t mind being in the final four. I am very disappointed with the Fear shoot in the studio. But after that we went to the park in Chester, which the squirrels have now taken over… We where chased by them. I was never too fond of them as they are essentially rats with fluffy tails but now they scare me. Luckily I got some photos of them so they will be my photos for Fear. Plus being claustrophobic, it doesn’t help when you’re surrounded by A LOT of hungry squirrels..

So all together I have One final photo for Fear, two for Loneliness, two for Happiness and one for Love.

Kingsway Exhibition – Collaborative Practice

Weekly Journal 2 – 6/11/2017

I worked on Ideas and mind mapping for the project. I managed to get some good ideas down and began planning my shoots. Whilst I was jotting down ideas, the rest of the group where working on their own work/photos for the project.

We also talked more about our exhibition space. We had a group that also wanted to occupy the space we wanted. This was easily resolved by us using the opposing wall as they needed the one with the socket for a TV monitor.

I was planning of executing my shoots over that week. One in our local pub The Cock and Pullet (Wednesday), Another the following day in the studio and street shoots in Chester later that day.

Kingsway Exhibition – Collaborative Practice


Weekly Journal 1 – 23/10/2017

Today I joined a group in collaborative practice, they’re focusing their exhibition on emotions. Each member go the group chose an emotion and each member has to produce a final photo for each emotion. Meaning; a total of now five members and four emotions adding up to a total of four photos per members making 20 photos for this exhibition. I didn’t add an emotion because it was advised by my tutor on a count that I switched courses and was 2 weeks behind.

The four emotions that I’ll be working with are; Fear, Loneliness, Happiness, Love.

I have plenty for loneliness/fear as I already experience these emotions regularly. Its a lot harder for me to capture Love/Happiness in a photo without it looking staged. Safe to say I’ve got a lot a head.

Collaborative Practice Deadline 20th November (my personal deadline 13th November)