Contain me 2.0

Due to getting some not very good feedback on my last designs for this project, I decided to redesign both the shoe and the packaging. I think they look a lot better than my previous designs.

shoe, packaging and rationale 1
I had to rewrite the rational for it, as there were new improvements made to the last ones. See rationale below – 

shoe, packaging and rationale 2

Contain Me

This was my first attempt at this project but unfortunately it didn’t pass. I’ll have to re-visit my designs and go over them again.  

This project is a packaging project, we had to design a concept for a shoe based on who we are and what are values are and then design the packaging for that shoe.

For this project I decided to focus on making my own boot in the style of new rocks. New Rock make alternative boots for bikers, metalheads and rockers.These boots can range from ankle boots to knee high boots. They are made from leather but o er a vegan friendly series as well. And they tend to have skulls and or flames on them along with zips and chains. I have two pairs of these at home and as much as I love wearing them, they’re Not practical and can get uncomfortable really fast. So I wanted to make a boot that described me, but first i had to answer the question. Who am I? What are my values in life? Along with the obvious things I value like my friends and family, I also value my faith, photography and music (metal). I tried to come up with some ideas for a shoe based on my faith but I found it too be a tricky task along with photography. For photography I decided to make designs of boots based on their practicality and not their design, as a photographer, i’m always on mt feet so I need boots that are comfortable and supporting to wear. But when it came to designing metal related shoes then that was almost too easy, as I know what I like and what looks good.

It was just a thing of how do I make them looks awesome yet practical. I then looked to what I wear everyday, steel toe capped work boots. they look good in everything I wear and they’re quite practical, plus great and safe in mosh pits. I then designed a few concepts of these mixed together. I made a design that I was fairly pleased with. I then made pointed out its specs and scanned it in.

e next thing I looked at for this project was the packaging. For this I got five books out of the library just on packaging and how to create 3D packaging. I then made a mind map of what kind of packaging would suit my boots. I gave it some thought and came up with a prism as it’s not o en seen in shoe packaging and it has a bold, sharp and unique look to it. I then drew out the net and made a prototype on A2 white card as it was all I could get a hold o .

I’m fairly happy with my work for this project but if I was to do it again then I would like to create more designs and create some based on my other values.