Information Graphics

-For this assignment, I had to create an Information Graphic chart using Isotypes and statistical information about the design industry.

For my Information Graphics chart, I decided to focus on the more political side of these statistics. After doing some research on “design weeks” statistics page, I found out what percentage of races where working in this unnamed design company. But the way it was worded made it sound quite racist. Apparently 88% of the company is white and 8% is none – white and 4% is classed as other. To me, this just doesn’t sound politically correct. Why brand them as none – white and other? So this is the reason I focused on this, as it was a darker and more controversial topic about the discrimination, stereotypes and truth of our society today.

To create a visual representation of this I decided to do a hierarchy of three levels. This had the white figure on top with plenty of room, underneath him was a dark grey figure struggling to hold the floor the white figure was on and finally at the bottom is a black figure being crushed by the other levels. You’ll notice that all the figures are basically the same size and the only thing that is a different size is the levels they’re on. I decided to dissect these up into the three separate levels and place them where they would be seen but in different stages. So I decided to put them onto the lift doors for Kingsway campus, ground floor is the black figure, followed by the grey figure on the first floor and at the top is the white figure.

The drawings above were designs of info graphics for the racial based statistics.

I thought that along with the simplified but fairly obvious visual representation of our society in the industry and then the clever placing of different sections of the chart onto different levels of the floors in the campus to match their levels in the hierarchy, this then made this a fairly obvious and easier to chart to understand.