Final eight photos

These are my final photos for this project. I want to call this series ‘No Agender’ Which is a play on the words no agenda. I found it quite clever. I am very happy with these final eight photos, however I’ve had to make do with what I had as I was meant to do a fifth/sixth shoot but due to illness and very bad weather conditions I cancelled them. I then had to select two photos per shoot/model to make an even eight.


model – Annie

I chose this as one of my finals as it’s a bold stance in front of the Catholic Cathedral, Liverpool. This for me shows defiance against the religious arguments made against gender fluid and the freedom to express ones gender. This photo reminds me of one that you would see on a presidential poster. It’s a bold look of hope.

Model Annie

I added this one to my final eight photos because much like the one above it takes place in the other Cathedral (Anglican, Liverpool). Except this one is less defiance and more acceptance. It’s still just as bold as the last but different angles can change the effect of the photo. This was specific photo was captured in the beautiful Lady Chapel. The ambience was just right and it was a very calm atmosphere. Also by this point we where in full on conversations. But with every photo no matter the angle, Annie stuck the same bold and iconic pose. When you see both of these photos of Annie you think strong.

Model Tara

I selected this photo for my final eight because of it’s sensuality, we did several photos of Tara vaping, then slowly exhaling whilst looking into the camera, not at it but into it. This  creates an engagement for the viewer. We shot this in a room on the Chester wall, there was plenty of light coming through this window, which is creating that drastic light and dark contrast on Tara’s face, one side submerged by shadows and the other exposed the the sunlight. The eye contact is unbreakable (as it’s a photo) creating an illusion of seduction.

Model Tara

I chose this image for my final photos as it’s a classic catwalk pose. This was taken in the roman gardens and we used this walkway as a runway. This photo is perfectly focused with the model being full body in focus and the background not completely blurred but faded, creating some good background colours. As Tara has some very good modelling experience, she knew exactly what poses to strike. This one being one you would see on the front of a ‘New look’ magazine. I’m very proud of this one.


For the next photo in this final series, is one from shoot 3, the PHD student whom wanted to be remain unnamed to the public. I have to respect her privacy. I chose this photo because of its very well in focus. The model is glancing up at the Christmas lights whilst the others are blurred behind her. I believe I used my tripod for this image as I had to use a fairly average shutter speed. The tripod balanced out this photo, without it, it would be shaky/fuzzy. It took a lot of editing on this photo as there was a lot of noise in this series due to the high iso. But I think that this one is very magical with all the blurred lights wrapped round the trees.


The next photo in this final series is another one from shoot 3, this one was shot in the remaining old part of Liverpool library. As she was a PHD student I thought this was an appropriate place to take some photos. Unfortunately these photos where rattled with noise however I’ve edited them and you can barely see it now. I made the best of a bad series but I think it actually looks OK. Unlike the others models she smiled, naturally. But that was probably a nervous smile. However I think that the light really works well with this one. And the book cases add an old/vintage style to the photo.

Model Paige

I added this photo into my final series because it’s very bold and in focus. Paige rode in on her bike and comes to feed the local wildlife, This was the one of the first photos I took of her. But I think it fits her personality so well. And not to mention I think it’s a great photo. Sometimes a single photo can be a statement of someones personality, and I think that this is one of them.

Model Paige

My final photo is from shoot 4 with Paige, there isn’y much I can say about this other than it’s probably one of my favourites in the final series. The model is completely in focus with everything crisp, including the hair. This was a spontaneous pose as I just asked her to stop where she was and I took it. Paige was in the middle of feeding the ducks and squirrels. Surrounded might be a better term. This pose/facial expression is both professional and intriguing, it asks more questions than it answers. Is she looking at something? Or in deep thought? Perhaps that should be left to the viewer to decide.

I am very happy with eight these photos, I put a lot of hard work into getting this all together in a week. An exact week ago I had zero photos taken, just an idea. And now I have four shoots done, research and all of my final photos. I am so grateful to everybody who got in contact with me, and I am especially grateful to the Liverpool LGBT who not only let me post in their group but also to those who actually replied to it. I genuinely was expecting maybe one or two but not seven. But also to those who got in contact with me personally and got back in touch with me. This has been a really tight week but it was worth it to meet some nice people and get to know some better.

If I had to go back and do this differently, I would start earlier and spread the photo shoots out. The hardest part of this project was burning out on a count of rushing and pushing myself till I broke. Next time, I’ll start the brief as soon as I get it, this has been a wakeup call for me. However the photos are some of the best I have ever taken.

Alamy photo submission

I decided to submit my photos to Alamy instead of Getty images as it was down for maintenance.

I read the quality control for alamy and I wasn’t expecting much. All we needed to do was show that we know how to apply for the future and it doesn’t matter if we failed it. So I submitted a couple of photos, expecting them to bounce back with a list of everything wrong with them.

I was very surprised to receive an email telling me that I made it through and passed quality control.

2017-11-252017-11-27 (4)2017-11-27 (7)

Fourth Shoot

Fourth shoot: Chester 24/11/2017

Model – Paige

‘Signed a model release form’

The shoot went rather well, I know Paige from university. Paige actually came to me after seeing my post on Facebook, I had no clue that she was non binary and I was happy to have a model booked. We met in Grosvenor park, Chester. We met here as Paige enjoys feeding the local wildlife such as the squirrels. I decided that the shoot should be based around that, whilst feeding the squirrels I could photograph her, This would make the photos more natural, free flowing and spontaneous. We went walking round the park stopping here and there for photos. I myself am not too fond of the grey squirrels but after being round them all day, I have now got a tolerance for them along with some decent photos of them and my model. Paige was very cool and relaxed around the local wildlife and very chilled out which made it easier for me to photograph her.

I am very pleased with these photos, I personally think that I’ve got some beautiful shots. I definitely have some worthy ones for the final eight. 

Third Shoot

Third shoot: Liverpool 23/11/2017

Model – wishes to remain unknown to the public

‘Signed a model release form’

The shoot with this model was OK, it was a late one though which came with some difficult challenges. One of the most difficult challenges is noise but you can’t fully see that till after the shoot which requires a lot of attention to make it less visible. We me outside the Empire theatre at about 7pm. This shoot didn’t last too long, about 30 minutes if that.

We started the shoot off by photographing in the Christmas market, now at St Georges hall. I got some here to adjust the setting on my camera to adapt to the darkness of the night but the ambience of the Christmas lights. We then moved round the corner to the park behind St Georges hall and then into Liverpool library as it was freezing out. As this model was a PHD student I thought we should photograph in the old part of the library (what’s left of it). This created a nice atmosphere for the image of said model.

Second Shoot

Second shoot: Chester 23/11/2017

Model – Tara

‘Signed a model release form’

This was an interesting shoot as I haven’t seen Tara in years, she is an old family friend currently transitioning. This shoot was a lot easier as I knew the model personally. But I still treated her with the same professionalism as I do with every model. I was joined on the shoot with a friend of mine; Owen who was my assistant for the day, helping me with the setup and locations to shoot.

As you can probably tell from the photos, Tara has modelling. This was great as she knew what poses/looks to strike, how to look into the camera not just at it and how to be herself. This made photographing her easier as all I had to worry about was the composition, location and the photo itself. She took instructions well and was very cooperative.

I have a good range of photos from stunning headshots to bold poses, I actually took just over 250 photos and these are the ones that I kept and fully edited. There are loads in here that I would use for my final photos. I couldn’t be happier with these photos.

Photoshop retouching :Specialist photography

During this session we had to do Photoshop retouching which included removing marks/spots, mixing the alignment/perspective of the picture ect..

Spotting: For this I used the healing tool to highlight marks and it covers them up. 


Skin Retouching: For this we had to again use the healing tool to highlight marks and spots, this was considerably harder to do as skin had hidden blemishes and marks that are tricky to remove.

2017-11-28 (10)

Before and after cosmetic operation. Young pretty man portrait

Liquify: For this one we had to go to the liquify tool on Photoshop and use the face aware tool to change the form of the face.

Tips/notes from shoot one

These are some notes I made after my First shoot with my first model from the LGBT – Annie. These are tips/notes for future shoots with my models.

  • Chat: Be Friendly and get to know the model, be open and make them feel comfortable.
  • Don’t be too chatty: Though this contradicts the first point, its good to chat and get to know the model however if you focus on the chatting element too much to fill the space of dead silence then it will kill time, reducing your chances of getting the photos you need.
  • Get a range of shots: It’s important to get a mix of both headshots and full length poses.
  • Instruct the model: Don’t forget to tell the model to act naturally, you don’t want fake poses or cheesy smiles. Instruct them to pose how they like provided it’s not faked and they’re comfortable doing so.
  • Background: Try to incorporate the background as well as the model to perhaps create a story or narrative to the photo.
  • Important: Make sure the models sign the release form before you take any photos.
  • Location: Make sure that you arrange an easy meet up point for you and the model.
  • Reminder: The models will be just as nervous as you, so take it slow and steady.


First shoot

First shoot: Liverpool 22/11/2017

Model – Annie

‘Signed a model release form’

Annie was the first model that I shot with from the Liverpool LGBT, we decided to meet at Paddies Wigwam, (Catholic Cathedral, Liverpool). I was a bit nervous as I imagine Annie was as well. But we got on quite well. I decided to photograph outside paddies wigwam then inside, we then walked across to the Anglican Cathedral over the road.

These aren’t the Finalised photos however they are the best from the lot. Annie here is non binary, and we discussed how we felt about gender. I thought that photographing in and outside the Cathedrals was rebellious. It’s mostly religious based arguments that condemn gender expressionism so I think that photographing in ‘His house’ shows defiance against the religious haters.

All of these photos have been edited in Lightroom, some more so than others. I like some of these, I think there’s one or two that might be in my final 8.

Making Contact :Specialist Photography

The first thing I did was send the Liverpool LGBT a message on Facebook to ask if they had anyone who might be interested in my photography proposal, they openly accepted my offer, invited me into the group to directly post this proposal to the group myself.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 09.46.30Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 09.46.55

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 16.51.53

I won’t show you the amount of comments and replies I got for privacy reasons of those who replied. I did actually get an astonishing amount of people who where interested in participating. I shared the same post on my photography page and also received a message from someone at my university. I also sent off two messages to some trans models that I know, one of whom was free and interested. In the end I booked a total of six shoots for one week of shooting. It’s a tight squeeze but in the end I only need a minimum of three shoots for the project. I’ve printed off seven model release forms from the Royal photographers society as its recommended by the university.

Reverse image search

Task – Use Tin Eye and Image search on google ( to compare the search results for a couple images. To use both these image search engines, you would need to upload an image to search bar or use the image URL. On Tin eye it would come up with web based links that the photo has been used or discussed on and googles image search did something similar. These Search engines can be used to see where your photos have ended up or been used for and to see if an image given to you has come from a trusted source or if its been used without the original owners permission, infringing copyright laws.

The first image had to be one that is well known/famous. I chose this image by Paul Strand which Is a photo of Wall Street. As this is an iconic and bold photo. I assumed that there would be plenty of search results from all different areas of the Internet for this photo.

Paul Strand

On Tin Eye there was four hundred and fourteen searches came up for this image, some that appear to be from good sources and some not so much. There was a filter section that filtered the image used on domain sites or in collections. Some of these where familiar to me and I would more than likely get an image from a website with a domain name but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they had permission to use the photo the first place, however you don’t necessarily need direct permission as long as you correctly credit and reference the photographer.

The Image.Google search was slightly different, there was more search results as its google, so some of them might not be as relevant. It also came up with a a word/recommended search that best fit the image, it also came up with similar images.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 13.43.10

Our next task was to use one of our own images that we have published online, and one that was fairly popular. So I used one of my favourites which I know has been used a lot on Facebook and possibly elsewhere but it came up with zero search results on both search engines. I then compared this with out of my oldest photos and it still came up with zero searches.

This is weird as I know for a fact that my photos appear on google images and have appeared on other mining websites. I am fairly relieved to be honest as I’m one hundred percent sure that I haven’t authorised anyone to use my photos, thats why I watermark them because it happens. I do on the other hand allow people to share and use my photos if they credit me and my work by mentioning me or my photography page ‘Jacob Kazara Photography’. But I am a little shocked that nothing came up, not because I wanted them to but as there are a lot of mining tools/pages that harvest photos from most photo based social media Flickr and Instagram. Which is really annoying as these sites get more viewership than my photos on my page.

Brief/message to LGBT :Specialist Photography

Brief –

For this project I will be focusing on one of the biggest topics/trends of 2017 ‘Gender fluid’ aka gender expressionism. For this I would like to do several shoots (minimum 3) to photograph a range of people of all different genders. I am hoping to get in touch with a few societies and contacts that I have made this year to help me get this done in time. In the end I need a 8 final photos and to have applied to Istock/getty images and proof that I’ve done so

Below is a Message I constructed to groups, societies, contacts and businesses regarding photographing models/people who identify themselves freely, First point of contact will be to the LGBT Liverpool –

‘Hi I’m Jacob Kazara,

I’m a 2nd year photography student at the University of Chester and I’m doing a photography project on gender. I was hoping to get you involved. I want to shine a light onto the lives of those who identify themselves outside of traditional gender norms. I’m looking for Transgender/non-binary/GenderFluid members. I haven’t had a lot of experience with non cis people but I’m eager to shed light on what many don’t understand an refuse to accept. This could be your chance to perhaps tell your story, I’m not here to judge only to photograph and document who you are. I first worked along side the LGBT at Pride this year, I found it eye opening and it has encouraged me to learn more about gender and I want to help people express themselves.

These will be just portrait shoots, most likely shot in Liverpool city centre. I’m looking for anyone willing to help out.

*Important* My final photos will be put on my blog and my Facebook page and I Have to submit them with my application to a stock photo site such as Istock/Getty Images. This means that anyone willing to help me out will need to fill out a model release form meaning that you give me (the photographer) full permission and rights to use the photos. All of the specific terms and conditions will be in the model release form. If anyone is willing to participate then I will have plenty model release forms on the day for those to go through and sign. Unfortunately I can’t photograph anyone without their signature on this form. Also anyone willing to take part must be 18+ so they can legally sign the release form.

In return, I will be mentioning the Liverpool LGBT in my blog/Facebook page and provided the photos come out well, I’ll also post the photos from the shoots which would be free publicity for the LGBT community and anybody involved. I also promise to respect and honour the gender identity of those involved.

The deadline is coming up so I will need to have people ready to photograph in the next couple days. So if you could share this and ask anyone interested to contact me ASAP and we can arrange a shoot.

If you can help me out, then I would really appreciate it!


Jacob Kazara,

Jacob Kazara Photography’


Artist Research via Getty images: Specialist Photography

Artist research – Getty Images

I’ve been looking at a couple of photographers on getty images. The first one I looked at was a photographer/user called westend61. This was just one among the thousands on there, these photos are very cliché. But all stock photos look like this. I find these photos more funny than anything else as they just look too setup.


However, I chose this photo to analyse as it looks less staged. Shoots on location often look more natural due to the surroundings. I can see why someone might be interested in this photo for an advertising purpose. The colours are great and there isn’t too much contrast. along with the image in focus in the parts that need it to be.

Another photographer/user I was looking at was Betsie Van der Meer. I decided to search for images related to the topic I’m currently looking at. I decided to search for ‘Transvestite’ though it’s not entirely gender based but it’s about appearing different. I found this image below that I thought worked really well.


I found this photo is one of a series and is what I expected when I searched for it. A photo of half and half, a division of man and woman. This image for me is bold and daring. The photo itself is great, the model is centred in the middle giving the camera/the viewer direct eye contact.

I hope to create some bold images myself on the topic of gender fluid and hopefully they’ll be good enough to pass quality control when submitting them to a stock site.



Research for Gender Blend: Specialist Photography

According to this article on bbc news – ‘Germany, Australia, Nepal and Pakistan now offer a third gender option on official forms with other countries set to follow suit. And scientists are finding more evidence to suggest that even biological sex is a spectrum’. The fact that there are some countries offering a third gender on forms is a good start on gender fluid being accepted socially.

‘Sex is a biological concept. Male or Female. Gender is a social construct. Man or woman’. The first point made in this article is an interesting one.
A lot of the comments made on these articles are mostly opinion based. But I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. There is a logic to these arguments made. ‘Gender is a social construct’ This makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Back in the days of misogyny and prejudice against women, this was a social construct of men thinking that women didn’t deserve equal rights and again with race. Sex is biological but gender is social construct.
People are now expressing themselves and identifying outside the usual gender normality. There is also non binary, these are people that don’t want to fall under the category of male or female so they choose to have no gender. Another one is Transgender, these are people that want to switch sexes from man to woman but sometimes want to still want to remain without a gender, However transgender is a biological change and not a social change.
There is an unfortunate divide on this particular topic, I’ve heard some not very nice comments made towards people expressing their genders differently. The fact that some countries are making small changes to adapt to this social construct means that people/countries are slowly making the progress to bigger movements regarding how they can include everybody.

Concept Stock Photography Visual trends and markets

For this project I had to select a trend suggested by Getty images, I decided to go with one called Gender Blend. This is about the rising trend on gender. “Right now gender is being called into question and blurred, and men and women are expressing themselves in ways that are much more fluid” – Pam Grossman. This quote from the article got me thinking straight away. I realise that gender is changing, people are expressing themselves differently but its creating a backlash of negative stereotypes. I have worked with similar people before in the past, I’ve seen the wonders of Liverpool Pride 2017 which was amazing to see all of the creative colours and identities of all these people, come together to celebrate the freedom of expressionism. After seeing this ‘Trend’ I realise that this is one that I believe I can get some interesting photos whilst learning more about the topic.

We have to produce 8 final photos for this project along with an screenshots of an application to sell stock images on Getty images, Istock ect..