Who Are You? Final Views

Techniques and Contextual research

During this project I tried many new techniques and one that I have always wanted to do is like a point and shoot but on unsuspecting victims (street photography) but I’ve never really had the guts to try it. You’re probably wondering that this has to do with this project. Well whilst I was out shooting with my subject I would occasionally point and shoot with out giving him any warning. This was interesting as I got some different reactions from him. Some of them were just about in frame and others weren’t in focus, this is because it was dark so even if I wanted to use auto focus I couldn’t so it was all done in manual focus.


Bruce Gilden is a photographer that I think I can relate some of my photos to. He is a street photographer who likes to photograph people whether they like it or not. In the majority of his photos are people, either shocked or angry and I would be to if someone pulled out a camera and took a picture of me. I’ve found his work to be really interesting and I would one day like to have a proper go at it myself. I wish i’d have used him as more of an influence for my work but I only discovered him at the end of the project. For me the best thing about his photos are the natural reactions from his photography subjects (or victims in some cases). That’s what I’ve been doing for my photos, no fake smiles or poses, just me and my subject taking some photos and having a laugh in the process.

If you wish to see his work for yourself then please head to his website – http://www.brucegilden.com/

Also I recommend watching this piece on him called everybody street – https://vimeo.com/33169188

These photos below are just a few on what I was just talking about. I have some serious photos but most of them look like this. I liked to capture his natural reactions even if they where just us having a bit of a laugh.

During this project I have further developed my skills in portraiture photography, I have thoroughly enjoyed this project. I have really enjoyed trying out the adobe software – Lightroom, it was hard to get my grips with because I was so used to Photoshop but it had everything you needed to edit the photos in one convenient area on the right hand side, it also allowed me to layout my photos and design make contact my own contact sheets.

Another thing that I’ve enjoyed using was the lighting studio, this wasn’t too hard to get to grips with but I was a little out of my comfort zone with all the lights and tech to deal with. But then again it was good that I was a little out of my comfort zone as it allowed me to experiment with the lights and flashes to create interesting and dynamic shots of my subject that represent him for who he is.

These photos that I have produced for this project (mostly the lighting studio ones) have been the best photos that I have ever done and I am very proud of myself for them. I will definitely be using the lighting studio again and using all the techniques i have learnt throughout this project on my next one and on any future portrait shoot.