Jacob Kazara’s Camera fund

I’m sharing this as I desperately need help funding a new camera, I can do so much more with better equipment so please read my story and share as you or someone else could make a huge difference to me and my photography. Down below is the link to my go fund me campaign and my story about it. Thanks.


Hi I’m Jacob Kazara and this is my new camera fund. I’m currently in university studying photography and graphic design, I have just finished my first year after a lot of hard work and I will be continuing onto second year. This might appear like some cliché story to you but it has been very hard for me to get here, I was told as a young age that I wouldn’t achieve anything on a count of my Autism and that I wouldn’t get into university by my high school. I put all that energy and hard work into getting myself to university! I even did three years in college to get the qualifications so I could get here.

Now that I’m here I could do with some help. I’m a good photographer, it’s what I’m best at and it’s a huge part of my life. This is my Facebook photography page – https://www.facebook.com/JacobKazaraPhotography  this is what I’m capable of producing with my current camera (Canon EOS 1100D) which I’ve had now for about five years, I know it back to front but It’s limited and I need to break these limitations so I can achieve more with my photography and explore more with it.

The camera that I’m trying to get funding for is a canon EOS 7D mark II. This camera is more advanced and will open more opportunities for me regarding what I can photograph and where. I want to achieve the best that I can and I want my photos to inspire people.

Donating to me won’t change the world but it will change mine. Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Jacob Kazara.