Contain me 2.0

Due to getting some not very good feedback on my last designs for this project, I decided to redesign both the shoe and the packaging. I think they look a lot better than my previous designs. I had to rewrite the rational for it, as there were new improvements made to the last ones. See … Continue reading Contain me 2.0

Contain Me

This was my first attempt at this project but unfortunately it didn't pass. I'll have to re-visit my designs and go over them again.   This project is a packaging project, we had to design a concept for a shoe based on who we are and what are values are and then design the packaging for … Continue reading Contain Me

Information Graphics

-For this assignment, I had to create an Information Graphic chart using Isotypes and statistical information about the design industry. For my Information Graphics chart, I decided to focus on the more political side of these statistics. After doing some research on “design weeks” statistics page, I found out what percentage of races where working … Continue reading Information Graphics

M. Gustave Poster Design

For this piece of work I had to design a film poster for about the character M.Gustave in the film The Grand Budapest Hotel. I am really happy with the result. After several design attempts, I decided to go with the a design featuring his iconic purple suit and the crossed keys society pin. I … Continue reading M. Gustave Poster Design

Pre 1980’s Poster analysis

This is my first essay for my Graphic Design degree. It's a 500 word analysis on a pre 1980's poster. For this image analysis I have chosen a film poster, the film I have chosen is Star Wars “A New Hope”. I have chosen this because the poster captivates the emotion of the film. After doing … Continue reading Pre 1980’s Poster analysis