Final eight photos

These are my final photos for this project. I want to call this series ‘No Agender’ Which is a play on the words no agenda. I found it quite clever. I am very happy with these final eight photos, however I’ve had to make do with what I had as I was meant to do a fifth/sixth shoot but due to illness and very bad weather conditions I cancelled them. I then had to select two photos per shoot/model to make an even eight.


model – Annie

I chose this as one of my finals as it’s a bold stance in front of the Catholic Cathedral, Liverpool. This for me shows defiance against the religious arguments made against gender fluid and the freedom to express ones gender. This photo reminds me of one that you would see on a presidential poster. It’s a bold look of hope.

Model Annie

I added this one to my final eight photos because much like the one above it takes place in the other Cathedral (Anglican, Liverpool). Except this one is less defiance and more acceptance. It’s still just as bold as the last but different angles can change the effect of the photo. This was specific photo was captured in the beautiful Lady Chapel. The ambience was just right and it was a very calm atmosphere. Also by this point we where in full on conversations. But with every photo no matter the angle, Annie stuck the same bold and iconic pose. When you see both of these photos of Annie you think strong.

Model Tara

I selected this photo for my final eight because of it’s sensuality, we did several photos of Tara vaping, then slowly exhaling whilst looking into the camera, not at it but into it. This  creates an engagement for the viewer. We shot this in a room on the Chester wall, there was plenty of light coming through this window, which is creating that drastic light and dark contrast on Tara’s face, one side submerged by shadows and the other exposed the the sunlight. The eye contact is unbreakable (as it’s a photo) creating an illusion of seduction.

Model Tara

I chose this image for my final photos as it’s a classic catwalk pose. This was taken in the roman gardens and we used this walkway as a runway. This photo is perfectly focused with the model being full body in focus and the background not completely blurred but faded, creating some good background colours. As Tara has some very good modelling experience, she knew exactly what poses to strike. This one being one you would see on the front of a ‘New look’ magazine. I’m very proud of this one.


For the next photo in this final series, is one from shoot 3, the PHD student whom wanted to be remain unnamed to the public. I have to respect her privacy. I chose this photo because of its very well in focus. The model is glancing up at the Christmas lights whilst the others are blurred behind her. I believe I used my tripod for this image as I had to use a fairly average shutter speed. The tripod balanced out this photo, without it, it would be shaky/fuzzy. It took a lot of editing on this photo as there was a lot of noise in this series due to the high iso. But I think that this one is very magical with all the blurred lights wrapped round the trees.


The next photo in this final series is another one from shoot 3, this one was shot in the remaining old part of Liverpool library. As she was a PHD student I thought this was an appropriate place to take some photos. Unfortunately these photos where rattled with noise however I’ve edited them and you can barely see it now. I made the best of a bad series but I think it actually looks OK. Unlike the others models she smiled, naturally. But that was probably a nervous smile. However I think that the light really works well with this one. And the book cases add an old/vintage style to the photo.

Model Paige

I added this photo into my final series because it’s very bold and in focus. Paige rode in on her bike and comes to feed the local wildlife, This was the one of the first photos I took of her. But I think it fits her personality so well. And not to mention I think it’s a great photo. Sometimes a single photo can be a statement of someones personality, and I think that this is one of them.

Model Paige

My final photo is from shoot 4 with Paige, there isn’y much I can say about this other than it’s probably one of my favourites in the final series. The model is completely in focus with everything crisp, including the hair. This was a spontaneous pose as I just asked her to stop where she was and I took it. Paige was in the middle of feeding the ducks and squirrels. Surrounded might be a better term. This pose/facial expression is both professional and intriguing, it asks more questions than it answers. Is she looking at something? Or in deep thought? Perhaps that should be left to the viewer to decide.

I am very happy with eight these photos, I put a lot of hard work into getting this all together in a week. An exact week ago I had zero photos taken, just an idea. And now I have four shoots done, research and all of my final photos. I am so grateful to everybody who got in contact with me, and I am especially grateful to the Liverpool LGBT who not only let me post in their group but also to those who actually replied to it. I genuinely was expecting maybe one or two but not seven. But also to those who got in contact with me personally and got back in touch with me. This has been a really tight week but it was worth it to meet some nice people and get to know some better.

If I had to go back and do this differently, I would start earlier and spread the photo shoots out. The hardest part of this project was burning out on a count of rushing and pushing myself till I broke. Next time, I’ll start the brief as soon as I get it, this has been a wakeup call for me. However the photos are some of the best I have ever taken.