Further Edited

These are a selection of photos from my journey back and fourth on the train. I have selected a range of photos that I have edited further. As you can see I have made them Black and White, I have done this because when I visualised he idea of my journey on the trains I could see it working well in black and white. Personally I think that they work really well, I also think that the choice of no colour complements the rural and urban areas in the photos. For me they’re very atmospheric and more life like than they are in full colour. The journey from where I live and back isn’t exactly a friendly, enjoyable or a colourful trip, often its very dull, dark and lifeless, so the dark shadows contrasting against the white and Gray just sums up how i see travelling to university and back.

See Photos Below –

Riding the rails

Thanks to Merseyrail for being kind enough to grant me permission to pursue my idea of photographing on their trains for my project ‘In the frame’.

The day after getting my email confirmation, I got on a train to Chester from Birkenhead Central, then from Chester to Birkenhead and then back to Chester again. I did this so I could maximise my chances of getting s many decent photos as I could. I ended up taking about three hundred odd. I found that taking the photos at the beginning was really difficult as I was quite nervous, but once I started going, I didn’t really care what people thought of me. But I was very considerate of people and asked a few people if they minded me taking pictures of the train carriage and to reassure them that if they heard someone taking photos that it was me and it wouldn’t be directly of them. I’ve found that some people can be reasonable if you just give them a heads up first, some people not so much though.

Taking photos in public is like a Pick ‘n mix, sometime you get some nice and reasonable people about or some that are just minding there own business and some that are confrontational or no apparent reason. This is why I contacted Merseyrail directly to make an enquiry. I was actually questioned by a couple of train conductors on my activities on the train but after I showed them the emails from Merseyrail they weren’t concerned anymore.

Onto the photos, I’m fairly happy with the amount that I got. I had to take my mono-pole as I needed some sort of support for my camera. I also like the range of the photographs, some are very burred showing movement and some were shot quickly to ensure you could see the details of the photo. They were all shot in RAW so they have all had a base coating of editing via Adobe Lightroom. My next step will be going through these photos and selecting photos that I would like to further edit and round down to a final series.

But for now here are all of my photos from my travels –

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