First attempt at street photography

My first idea for this project is to go to a certain area (perhaps a park bench or something) and photograph whats in front of me and who or what passes me. I would like to record what i photograph whether it be buildings or a certain direction to photograph and then the next time I go out to photograph then I’ll sit on the same bench and photograph the same things/directions but they may look the same but will be completely different. No picture is ever the same.

I decided to photograph these after university and the late afternoon/evening in Chester. I decided to follow one of the parameters which was to sit in an area and document what ever passed me. I then decided to do this for a while but then move to a different bench in town and repeat this process for a bit and so on and so on.

I photographed all of them in colour and edited them into black and white via Adobe Lightroom. As much as I love photographing the bright colours of a city or a town all lit up at night, I felt that these photos looked better in black and white. I’ve often found that black and white photography shows more detail to the photo and often creates some atmospheric. there are only 3 colours/shades in a black and white photo; Black, White and Gray. I think that with less colour it gives it more of an edge, there’s more contrast.

Also as this was my First proper attempt of street photography, I though it would be better to change the photos to black and white for a couple of reasons, one I think they look better and show more attention to detail and two because some of the photos aren’t perfect (camera shake) they are harder to identify the pedestrians. But to clarify, I actually like that some of the photos have been distorted by camera shake, this for me shows more movement in the people I photographed. The only photograph I have in colour is the one I used for the featured image for this post, I just couldn’t put that one in black and white as the colours where to beautiful to hide in black and white.

See photos below –